Industries that benefit from our services


We work with industries that are looking to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and scale their businesses through the adoption of digital tools.

Our beliefs

We believe that every industry has the potential to thrive in the digital age. Our mission is to help Canadian-owned small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across a range of industries to accelerate their success with digital tools and transform their operations.

Industries we serve:


The healthcare industry is always looking to optimize their operations, improve patient care, and drive additional revenue. Our team of experienced digital advisors has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the latest digital tools available.


The manufacturing industry is under increasing pressure to innovate and automate to remain competitive. We offer digital tools and adoption plans that can help manufacturers optimize their supply chains, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

Professional Services

Professional services such as accounting, legal, and consulting firms can benefit from HWarp services by streamlining their operations, improving communication with clients, and enhancing their online presence.


The construction industry can benefit from HWarp services by improving project management, enhancing communication with clients and contractors, and adopting digital tools for more efficient project execution.

Get unstuck, and take the next big leap.

  • We know how stressful it is to run a business. The mountain of things to do never gets smaller. It requires all of your power and focus just to keep things running smoothly. Taking the next big step can feel impossible. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
  • We’ve worked with dozens of clients who were in the same position. Our years of experience and deep expertise in the digital world positions us to identify ways to help you achieve your business goals in as little as a 1 hr web call. Let’s work together to supercharge your digital transformation.


We work with owners in specialized industries to help solve their biggest problems and grow their business.

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