The Health, Wellness and Recovery Platform Made for You.

HWARP gives you everything you need to deliver
personalized, data-driven preventative care.

Truly patient-centric.

Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.

Health Care Consumers

Take control of your health
  • Use data to advocate for your own care
  • Permit and control how caregivers view and share your records
  • Proactively track potential health risks using a preventative approach

Care Providers

Improve quality of care
  • Be data-informed at every point of care
  • Produce more complete health records and better outcomes
  • Facilitate better coordination among caregivers
HWARP patient-centric approach

Personalized, data-driven preventative care

Digitally enabled health care platform that helps you evaluate success by measuring outcomes.

Fully Integrated Experience
  • The new patient-experience is connected, consistent and coordinated care. HWARP was designed for secure interoperability across multiple health services.
Manage Health Data in Real-Time
  • HWARP enables you to collect and monitor aggregated health data to enhance decision making and produce more complete health profiles.
Evaluate Treatment Plans
  • Learning algorithms drive predictive analytics by continuously tracking every point of care to identify what treatments work for whom and in what context.