Software for health outcome management

Designed with empathy to solve problems for practitioners, health administrators and people everywhere.

Health Workers

We enable healthcare workers to create, manage and deliver targeted health programs to better engage their patients.

Health Administrators

We empower administrators to focus on what matters throughout the patient life cycle and keep track of where patients are throughout their health journey.

Health Program Architects

Practitioners and health workers can build, configure and share custom health programs using our easy-to-use workflow builder tools.


We help individuals better navigate the healthcare systems and truly take charge of their own health.

It digitally enables your health maintenance and injury recovery efforts

HWarp health outcome management software leverages mobile and other devices to autonomously collect data, track progress and drive desired health outcomes while providing actionable insights to health practitioners in real-time.

It simplifies how you monitor, manage and share your health data

HWarp helps you monitor, update and maintain your health data at every point of care, and leverages blockchain (a digital ledger) to securely store your most important information across the entire health care continuum.

"HWarp is focusing on issues that i've been dealing with for several years since I experienced my concussion. I'm excited to be an early-adopter."
—Chris Sartella, concussion trauma patient