Making health management simpler, more pleasant, and more outcome based.

At HWarp, we’re building the platform that connects care providers and health consumers with the apps, services, and resources they need to achieve better health outcomes. Launched in 2017, HWarp is the 1st truly patient-centric health application that focuses on prevention and not simply treatment. Millions of people around the world are pushing the systemic shift to value-based healthcare and HWarp is ready to drive that transformation.

We realized

The care model is shifting

It’s shifting from reactive to proactive and predictive care. This reactive approach to healthcare is both expensive and, to some degree, ineffective in meeting the needs of today’s population

Patients want to be more engaged

Patients want to be a partner in their own  rehabilitation and health maintenance. To manage their health and care effectively we need to be providing health consumers with the information, skills, capabilities, and support they need to make smarter choices.

Digital health care is fundamental

The digital health revolution is upon us! Digital health enables more personalized care by using predictive analytics. It provides patients and caregivers with a holistic and real-time view of one’s health at every point of care.

Building the ecosystem for health

For all care organizations:

HWarp enables providers to give consumers what they want: better health outcomes at lower cost, coupled with convenience and a better experience.

For health care consumers:

HWARP enables individuals to manage, track and coordinate their most important health matters.

Prioritizing care and compassion

Working with a shared purpose

We believe everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, respectful, and empathetic culture, and we work hard to make sure everyone at HWarp has the support they need to thrive. Join us and let's transform health together.

We're making it easier to manage and achieve desired health outcomes.

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