Interact more with your patients (without doing more).

HWarp enables you to extend your reach and provide guidance to your patients, even when they aren’t sitting in the room with you. 

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How to work with HWarp.

We help your patients prepare for a procedure, recover from a procedure or focus on their health and wellness.

How it works:
Create account


Create your care provider account

Invite patients


Invite patients to the right care plan

Monitor progress


Monitor patient progress from your dashboard

Designed to empower you and your team.

HWarp gives you and your team the power and tools you need to optimize patient care.

Better doctor

Become a modern care provider

With HWarp, you get to focus on patient optimization. That means happier patients that are achieving better outcomes.

Reduce Patient Stress

Reduce patient anxiety

HWarp enables you to prepare a patient for a procedure in a format that helps them better cope with anxiety and stress, all while minimizing points of confusion.

Maintain Compliance

No burden on your staff

In minutes, patients are set-up with HWarp and that’s it. HWarp helps minimize the repetitive and often unnecessary tasks that your team is forced to deal with.

Reduce Stress

Maintain compliance

Compliance is critical in modern medicine, which is why we’ve focused on making it as easy as possible to collect data and complete reporting tasks.

Let’s create amazing patient experiences — together.

Join us in shaping modern medicine.

I am a Doctor/Clinician.

Your day just got more manageable. Deliver the best care possible with our patient optimization software – automated prehab, rehab and wellness care plans.

I am an Administrator.

We help reduce repetitive calls from patients. HWarp coordinates care through surgery updates,  procedure prep and keeps health teams informed at everyone point of care.

I am a Business Owner.

Help make the life of care providers in your clinic much better. Give them the tools they need to stay on top of treatment planning, procedure preparation and improve patient experiences.

Privacy matters.

We take patient privacy very seriously. It’s part of our core values at HWarp.

We understand and take prudent measures to ensure we store all personal health information safely and responsibly. Patients can access and delete their data at any time.


Our services abide by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and we are compliant with personal health information (PHI) according to the following Privacy Acts: HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA.