We help you take charge of your patient relationships.

HWarp modernizes patient engagement and enables care providers to build stronger relationships for long-term positive outcomes.

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The problem.

People are overwhelmed

Patients need to go through insurance forms, prescriptions, surgical instructions, patient handouts, book appointments, prepare for surgery and then post-operative recovery and therapy, etc. – it’s a lot of information.

Health workers are too busy

Long hours spent working in a demanding environment is exhausting and there isn’t enough time to give patients the personal attention they deserve.

How we help.

Structured, secure and automated digital care program delivery for your patients:

Step 1

Build a custom medical program (with our help)

Step 2

Monitor your patients’ progress and compliance

Step 3

Gather data from patients and optimize programs

Privacy matters.

Data privacy and compliance are both very important to the HWarp health team.

We understand and take prudent measures to ensure we store all personal health information safely and responsibly. Patients can access and delete their data at any time.


Our services abide by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and we are compliant with personal health information (PHI) according to the following Privacy Acts: HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA.

Let’s create amazing patient experiences — together.

Join us and help your people take charge.

Healthcare Providers

Create, deliver, manage and track targeted digital health programs.

Health Administrators

Focus on what matters throughout a patient’s health and wellness journey.

Health Consumers

Navigate the healthcare system and help people take charge of their health.