The Importance of Proper Footwear for Athletes

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Although footwear could be classed as part of the athletes’ equipment, the importance of footwear choice during the athletes’ activities of daily living cannot be taken lightly. Running shoes are not only worn by runners and triathletes, but by any athlete using running as part of their training program. More experienced runners are less prone to injury and it is the less experienced runners who are more inclined to wear ill-fitting or worn-out athletic running shoes. There is not one shoe that is the perfect running shoe for all athletes due to the diverse array of foot structures and lower limb biomechanics of the running population.

nike run analysisInstead, the athlete should look to purchase the most appropriate shoe for their purpose and look to have a simple observational gait analysis and running shoe prescription, which are now becoming widely available at specialized running shops (even Nike Stores have been adding observational gait analysis technology) . In a general sense, advanced Gait technology can point out problems in a person’s running style or identify what is causing injuries for the runner. In the event that foot structure may be contributing to injury, orthotics or insoles may be required.

Athletes wearing inappropriate footwear are a common sight

For example, a football player going out for a run while wearing artificial-turf football trainers. These cases, among many others, put athletes at an increased risk of injury because they are using a shoe for a purpose it was not designed for. This may seems obvious, but many people including myself – have been guilty of doing this.

Wearing footwear that is too small for the athlete’s foot size has been shown to cause injury, while wearing footwear that is too large can cause imbalance, increase the risk of lower extremity injury and potentially induce falls.

It’s important to know which type of sneaker works best for your foot type, visit a professional running store to try on a few pairs to ensure adequate protection during your workout. Choosing the right athletic shoe is imperative to avoid injury and reach optimal performance while running.

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