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Rob Saric
Rob Saric

Robert is an experienced software entrepreneur with deep expertise bringing early stage products to market. Robert has over 15 years of technical leadership and sales experience, and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, founded multiple startups and is considered a seasoned leader, technologist and business strategist. Robert has practical experience with data-science fundamentals, machine learning, remote team collaboration, process design and solving difficult technical and business challenges with resource constraints.

For HWARP, Robert is responsible for the technical product teams, managing the software/hardware development lifecycle, driving the go-to-market and revenue growth strategies and building the organizational culture.

Chris Raynor
Dr. Chris Raynor
Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Chris Raynor, MD is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Chris preaches “movement fluency, movement mastery” and is on staff at the Cornwall Community Hospital, and runs clinics at the University of Ottawa, and at his integrated health care facility in Ottawa – Human 2.0.

Chris is responsible for ensuring HWARP digital health solutions become the preferred choice for both care providers and health consumers.

Scott Hunter
Scott Hunter
Vice President, Operations

As an Operational Leader, Scott will help drive HWARP's financing, business development and cross-sector partnerships with Government, Medical Associations and Industry, using/sharing his knowledge and network to secure success.

Scott is an experienced professional accountant with strong project and process management skills. With deep experience in many sectors, Scott will use his commercial success to drive innovative growth initiatives at HWARP.

Steven Lowrie
Steven Lowrie
Director of Technology

Steven has a degree in Software Engineering and Management and is responsible for product development and monitoring HWARP analytics for operations, product engagement and customer success.

Steven has an unquenchable thirst to understand the logic of everything around him. Everything from dismantling a vacuum cleaner at age 10 and learning why it stopped working to obsessing about what motivates a user to engage an app every day. Steven's insatiable and limitless curiosity allows him to be comfortable pursuing the unknown.

Mandy Raynor
  • Mandy Raynor Marketing

    Mandy helps manage HWARP branding and design. She has been involved with the fitness industry for over 30 years and is an incredible community builder, writer and social media/marketing co-ordinator.

Rob Hamm
  • Rob Hamm Sales

    Rob Hamm is a former CIS athlete who has been teaching for over 20 years and coaching for 36 years and is an advocate for multi-sport athletes. Rob is supporting and advising HWARP product, market development and sales initiatives.

Tom Pullen
  • Tom Pullen Business Development

    Tom Pullen is high profile former professional athlete and current business management professional with a broad background in the development and execution of business strategies.

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