Patient-centric digitally enabled health care solutions

HWARP gives you everything you need to improve patient outcomes and optimize care pathways.

Health care consumers and patients are changing

Just as the system itself is changing—and this growing demographic is beginning to represent a new generation of proactive health care consumer. These consumers and their support networks want to be a part of the conversation regarding health care options; they want to understand what is best for them. Health care consumers now expect to be active participants in their own treatment. This identifies a significant cultural shift in health care: a move from being provider-centric to patient-centric, where the patient is a partner in their own rehabilitation and health maintenance

Our mission

We exist to address one of the biggest challenges in our lives today – providing sustainable health care to a rapidly aging population. Demands for services related to care of the aging population will increase, and will continue to be an area of significant growth. This will drive the need for more multi-disciplinary treatments, preventative health care management plans and supporting technologies.

The opportunity

HWARP recognizes that personalizing care through predictive analytics represents a significant opportunity to reduce costs while giving patients more control over their care experience. There is a massive opportunity to improve care and dramatically reduce waste in the health care system, addressing systematic issues in the following areas:

  • • Over-treatment (cost $192 billion)
  • • Failure in care delivery (cost $128 billion)
  • • Lack of care coordination (cost $35 billion)

HWARP patient-centric approach